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The National Maritime Museum

Address Romney Road, Greenwich, London SE10 9NF.
Contact Recorded information: 0181-293 9618
Administration: 0181-858 4422 Fax: 0181-312 6632
Hours Mon-Sun
Last admission
Charge includes admission to The Queen's House,
The Royal Observatory.
Greenwich Card
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The Museum was founded in 1934 to promote understanding of Britain’s history and its relationship with the sea as well as the story of time, astronomy, navigation and the historic buildings of Greenwich.

It houses the world’s greatest collection of maritime treasures and artefacts: boats, barges, ships’ models, weapons, uniforms, navigational instruments and naval paintings trace the development of the ship from pre-history to the present day. The great naval battles (Nelson’s coat with the hole of the fatal musket shot evokes the battle of Trafalgar) and the voyages of discovery of Drake and Cook show how life at sea changed over the centuries.

The National Maritime Museum, together with the Queen’s House, the Old Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park and the Royal Naval College, presents one of the world’s truly outstanding sights.

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