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The Greenwich Business Club
Address 17 Nelson Road, Greenwich SE10 9JB.
Contact Michael Beattie
Phone 0181-853 5758 [phone and fax]
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The Greenwich Business Club is open to all businesses in the Borough and was founded to:

  • Provide a forum for meetings, discussions and high profile presentations on subjects that can and will affect businesses in the Borough.
  • Disseminate more information to business, more widely, than at present.
  • Hear what business has to say and feed this back to the decision makers.

The Business Club was instigated by the Greenwich Waterfront Development Partnership, Bexley and Greenwich Chamber of Commerce and the London Borough of Greenwich, who all see it as a way to give businesses in the Borough a chance to hear at first hand what can and will affect them and to influence policy making.

Future meetings:

  • 21st May 1997
  • 9th July 1997
  • 11th September 1997
  • 12th November 1997

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