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Bus Priority Proposals in the
London Borough of Greenwich

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Distributed towards the end of April 1996 by Greenwich Council to businesses and households in the affected areas, this consultation document prepared by consultants Colin Buchanan and Partners (0171-258 3799) seeks the thoughts of residents, traders and bus users on proposals for measures designed to help buses in five key areas of the Borough:

  1. Well Hall Road: Bus stop and bus lane changes
  2. Mottingham Road: Bus stop changes
  3. Greenwich Town Centre: Traffic lights with “green men” at Greenwich Church Street junctions.
  4. Shooters Hill: New bus lane.
  5. Woolwich New Road: Parking and pedestrian measures.

For each area, the well prepared document--complete with detailed maps--sets out the problem and the related proposals. A reply-paid insert enables recipients to offer one of three opinions--”In favour”, “Disagree” and “Don’t Know” to each of the five proposals and give any additional comments.

The document invites attendance at various exhibitions in the Borough where staff will be available to answer questions, and offers an overview of the objectives of the London Bus Priority Network initiative.

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