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Markets are a part of Greenwich life. The main covered market near the Cutty Sark is dedicated to arts & crafts stalls at weekends and draws an amazing range of individually crafted products from far and wide. The covered market area is lined with speciality shops which also open during the week.

As you enter the covered market from the river end you pass under what used to be an old music-hall, which people once accessed through The Admiral Hardy pub--one of Greenwichís most popular taverns. A sign dated 1837 over the entrance observes that the Lord delights in a just weight, whereas a false one is an abomination--a reminder of the days when it was a flourishing fruit and vegetable market. Many local residents remember the last few lock-up stalls which operated until the early 1990ís--before they yielded in the face of changing distribution patterns to todayís bijou speciality shops.

Thereís a wonderful atmosphere as people browse through the market--or stroll off to have a meal and a drink in one of the many restaurants and taverns nearby.

The Open-Air Antique Market In Greenwich

Open: Year-round. Sat--Sun 10.00--17.30 [or so]
Located by the Ibis Hotel, between Greenwich Station and the Cutty Sark--a minute or two from each.

Finding a new lease of life nowadays in spite of the steady proliferation of markets in the parish, the open-air antique market has plodded on doggedly for years. Vaguely reminiscent of clusters of make-shift stalls one might encounter in Paris, it gives much pleasure to stroll around it--marvelling at how one manís scrap (no pun intended!) is anotherís treasure.

If youíd like an old pocket watch [that probably doesnít work], an old silver lighter, some battered cigarette cards, old beads, boxes and bits of glass--this is for you.

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The Bosunís Yard

Open Sat--Sun 10.00--18.00

A relative newcomer to the Greenwich market scene, the Bosunís Yard stands within the shadows of the rigging of the Cutty Sark. Open weekends, it bustles with life: choose your flavour of ice-cream or a delicious freshly-made crêpe or buy some freshly-cut flowers from one of the stands at the entrance to the Yard, and stroll its length taking in the mind-boggling range of goods displayed on the tightly packed stalls inside.

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Greenwich Open-Air Food Market

Open: Year-round. Sat--Sun. 10.00--17.30

Tucked away at the side of the National Westminster Bank, this weekend market offers home-baked breads, organic foods--and hot Oriental dishes to take away. Different, fast--and cheap.

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