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Greenwich Theatre

AddressCrooms Hill, Greenwich SE10 8ES.
Bookings0181-858 7755 & 0181-853 3800 (10.00-20.30)
Artistic DirectorMatthew Francis Administrative DirectorDavid Adams
MiscRegistered charity No. 246 186
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Greenwich Theatre is renowned for its exciting and original programming--from landmark production of the classics to revivals of neglected masterpieces and the discovery of new writers.

This comfortable and intimate theatre attracts a steady stream of distinguished actors and actresses--during 1995, for example, Janet Suzman, Simon Russell Beale and Joan Plowright.

It also encourages young designers and directors--such as Philip Franks and Richard Olivier.

The Theatre mounts about eight new productions a year--divided into two seasons, each of which presents a wide range of innovative and sparkling work.

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