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History of the Spread Eagle Restaurant

The Spread Eagle Restaurant has theatrical associations starting with the Music Hall (opposite) which has today been converted into the present Greenwich Theatre.

Around the year 1900 the comedian Dan Leno lived for some months at the Spread Eagle whilst working at Greenwich. Many other famous performers like George Robey, Harry Champion, the escapologist Houdini and Marie Lloyd were also customers. Today’s visitor’s book includes the signatures of Lawrence Olivier, Rex Harrison, Mia Farrow and many more famous diners.

The founder and proprietor of the Spread Eagle Restaurant, Dick Moy, has produced “The Spread Eagle at Greenwich--A Short History”--a collectible chronicle full of fascinating detail on many aspects of Greenwich’s past. It contains reproductions of old maps of the area showing the route of the original Roman road and the changing pattern of roads in central Greenwich from 1650 to 1830.

For copies of this booklet please write to Dick Moy at 8 Nevada Street, Greenwich SE10 9HY enclosing a cheque for £6; use your Visa card to order on 020 8305 1666.

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